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Shin-Ah Electronics has been supplied Highly efficient Oxygen Generators and Air Purifiers including Personal Oxygen Generator(OXY FARM), Membrane Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Air Purifier and Indoor Air Purifier. We provide the best quality service in the industry.

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We provide the best quality service in the industry.

“We believe creative thinking is the best way to provide service.


The company with a vision! The company with a good work ambience! The company that never fails to satisfy even the most demanding customers!

That is AIRION, the brand of Shin-Ah Electronics.”

The people behind Shin-ah are dedicated to create new, innovative solutions and to make the best achievements
With the initiative to perform, personally responsible for their own works, and the willingness to listen to other people’s opinions
With the enthusiasm to continue learning, the willingness to make efforts before anybody else, and the courage to face changes without fear of failure
With the ability to work fast, keep their promises and help others.
These are the personal values Shin-Ah lives by.

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General information number(Tel) : 82-31-497-7154     FAX : 82-31-497-7152
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